Take a flight in the 1200 HP turbine powered Pilatus PC-12 from Boise, Idaho to the resort destination of Sun Valley, Idaho . The complete experience takes you through the pilot's pre-flight weather briefing, flight planning and the pre-flight aircraft walk around. You then watch and listen as the pilot completes and explains the extensive pre-start checklist prior to ignition. Once the pilot has the aircraft up, running and stabilized, he receives his clearance from air traffic control. You watch and listen as he enters the flight plan into the state of the art GPS unit and the aircraft's integrated flight management system.

Once airborne, you are treated to the beautiful and rugged Central Idaho landscape of lakes and jagged snow covered peaks. You punch through a few clouds before air traffic control unexpectedly asks the pilot to enter the published holding pattern for traffic spacing. After the pilot is then cleared for the approach, you descend through a cloud deck down into the narrow high mountain valley that leads you on the tricky approach to Sun Valley's Friedman Memorial Airport. As the approach commences, you experience the expected turbulence that was reported in the pre-flight weather briefing as the pilot calls out his aircraft's power and attitude adjustments on final.

Just before touchdown, the outside views help you appreciate just how difficult this approach can be due to the proximity of the mountains. Then, after the pilot's textbook landing, you taxi in to complete the final phase and watch the pilot shut down the Pilatus.



The Pilatus PC-12 is a single-engine turboprop passenger and cargo aircraft manufactured by Pilatus Aircraft of Switzerland. The PC-12 is powered by a single Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6a-67B turboprop engine that develops more than 1200 horsepower. The aircraft may be configured for up to nine passengers in the large 330 Cubic Foot Cabin and is certified for single pilot IFR operations.

The Pilatus PC-12 was first certified in july of 1994 and today more than 500 aircraft operate worldwide.

With a range of more than 2,239 nm, this pressurized aircraft can cruise to 270 knots to maximum altitude of 30 000 feet, thus avoiding the low-altitude turbulence.

The avionics system includes a Honeywell Bendix King EFIS 50 four tube electronic flight information system and KGP-560 Class B TAWS autopilot/flight director. The navigation suite is based on a Honeywell Bendix King KLN 90B global positioning system.

The Pilatus PC-12 is all about performance, versatility and economy. Integrating a single turboprop engine into an aerodynamically advanced airframe, the Pilatus PC-12 combines excellent economy, reliability and versatility with the inherent safety of this type of aircraft.





Engine:  Pratt & Whitney Canada  PT6A-67B
Propeller: Hartzell, 4-blade, constant speed, fully reversing
Horsepower: 1200 shp
Recommended TBO: 3500 hrs
Wingspan: 53.33 ft / 16.23 m
Length: 47.33 ft / 14.40 m
Height: 14.07 ft / 4.26 m
Empty Weight: 5732 lbs / 2600 kg
Gross Weight (MTOW): 9920 lbs / 4500 kg
Max. Payload: 3108 lbs / 1410 kg
Maximum Fuel: 402 US gal / 1522 litres
Max. Range (30,000 ft, VFR reserves): 2261 nm / 4190 km
Max. Operating Altitude: 30,000 ft / 9150 m
Cabin Altitude @ 25,000 ft: 8000 ft / 2440 m
Cabin Altitude @ 30,000 ft: 10,000 ft / 3050 m
Max. Cruise Speed: 270 KTAS (502 kph, 310 mph)
Takeoff Ground Roll (MTOW): 1480 ft /  450 m
Landing Ground Roll (MTOW): 920 ft / 280 m
Rate of Climb (MTOW): 1680 ft/min
Stall Speed (landing config.) 65 KCAS
AVIONICS: Honeywell Bendix/King
Four Tube EFIS 50 5 EFIS Pilot and 5 Copilot Side
NAV/COM #1: Bendix/King KX-165
NAV/COM #2: Bendix/King KX-165
GPS Bendix/King KLN-90B
AHRS: Dual Litef LCR-92
MFD: Bendix/King KMD-850
Traffic BF Goodrich Skywatch 497 TAS displayed on KMD-850
Terrain: KGP-560 Class B TAWS displayed on KMD-850
Autopilot/Flight Director Bendix/King KFC-325, 3-axis w/ altitude preselect
Weather Radar RDR-2000 Vertical Profile
Stormscope: WX-500
Transponder #1: Bendix/King KT-70 Mode S
DME: Bendix/King KN-63
RMI: Bendix/King KNI-582
ADF: Bendix/King KA-87
Audio: Bendix/King KMA-24H
Encoding Altimeter: Bendix/King KEA-346
Radio Altimeter: Bendix/King KRA-405
Paging: Cabin Paging w/ 2 Speaker
Pitot/Static: Dual heated system

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